2020 Event Canceled

Hello Fellow Doughnut Eaters,

Caution: Major Buzzkiller!


After much reflection and thought we have unfortunately decided to cancel the 2020 Baker's Dozen

Half Marathon & Relay on December 12th, 2020.  The main reason for the cancelation is due to the

Utah State Health Department’s regulation in regards to food being served at special events.  By

following their guidelines to serve only prepackaged food the nature of this event changes and also

narrows the selection of baked goods.  

We plan to bring the event back in 2021 for an even bigger and better Baker's Dozen Half Marathon &

Relay and provide the most amazing baked goods in the world!

Everyone that is already registered will be receiving a full refund.  We appreciate your support as we

all navigate through these times.

Eat, Run, Repeat!

Baker’s Dozen Half Marathon Staff