Race Reports

If you have a race report and would like us to post it please let us know!

You'll Always Have My Heart - 2012 Race

50 Half Marathons In 50 States - 2012 Race

Running With Lori - 2012 Race

Fast Cory - 2012 Race

The Blonde Runner - 2011 Race

Fast Cory - 2011 Race

Cherie Santiago: "Thanks for the fun run. My favorite one hands down."

Tim Roberts: "Thanks for the awesome run, loved it."

Lyle Anderson: "That was probably one of the funnest runs I have ever done! Thanks for putting it all together and coming up with such an awesome medal!"

Karrie Nielson: Thanks for the best race! I love the medal."

John Taylor: "Thanks again for a SUPER FANTASTIC run!"